We are  now accepting applications!

In 2021, the Laboratory for Research and Innovation in Education for Latin America and the Caribbean - SUMMA, held the 2nd Call for Innovation for Educational Justice in Central America and the Caribbean, in which the 4 winning innovations of 25 initiatives were recognized. This second edition,  the 2023 Bay Islands Educator Leadership Program presented by the Partners In Education Roatan - PIER team was recognized as one of the winning innovations. 
The initiative aims at strengthening  the leadership skills of teachers in the Bay Islands. Through this innovative program, teachers from different educational levels (Pre-Basic, Basic and Secondary) will be selected to participate in a training program, which includes four learning modules:
  • Teacher Leadership
  • Educational Innovation in Teaching
  • Project Design 
  • Project Implementation

The program will culminate with the entrepreneurship phase where the project idea will be implemented and 3-5 most innovative projects will receive recognition.
60 educators will be selected from the four municipalities within the Bay Islands  to participate in the I Cohort of this Leadership Program.
To register and be considered for the program, review and complete your program requirements application no later than February 28, 2023.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted, please be sure to complete all steps listed above.