PIER Sand Castle Library

For many years the PIER Sand Castle Library has served as a centre for learning by loaning books from it’s extensive English-Spanish Library, providing free tutoring, homework help, English classes and science activities. The staff Librarian works diligently to bring inspiration and a solid educational foundation to Roatan’s public school students. The Library is located in an easily accessible area of the community. Children easily find their way to us to participate in activities or seek help. 

Our librarian also creates programs to fit individual needs of students. The Library is “home base” from which our bookmobiles operate. We loan over 20 thousand books annually and reach almost 4,000 students per year on a regular basis through visiting 49 public schools. 


At the end of last year (2019), PIER formed a strategic alliance with the SOL Foundation (an NGO that focuses on sports and other activities for children) to move the Sandcastle Library to their Sandy Bay facility, where our Librarian and Reading Specialists are inspiring the children to learn through inventive techniques.