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Thank You To Our Founders

Early last year the Founders of PIER and the Sandcastle Library made the tough decision to turn over the reigns of this great foundation to the board and staff. Their commitment and untiring efforts to ensure the progress of PIER for the good of public education on Roatan will continue to have an impact for years to come. The board and staff of PIER want to offer a huge thank you to Founders Cam and Ted O'Brien for building the strong foundation upon which PIER continues to grow and evolve to meet the changes in the world. Best wishes in your next adventures and we all hope to see you soon.

Sandcastle Library

A big change for the Sandcastle Library was the move from the main road Sandy Bay location to shared space within the SOL Community Centre in Sandy Bay. Since moving to this new location early this year, John Dilbert our Librarian and Reading Specialist, has had a tremendous increase in traffic from children in the community. This gives PIER more opportunity to recognize and be involved in meeting the education needs of the community. Sharing space with SOL partners us with an organization that for many years has provided an array of services to the children of Sandy Bay, meeting needs as they arise. Their delivery of sports, activities, meals and clothes fits well with PIER's goals.

Coping with Covid

With the closure of schools at the outset of the pandemic the PIER Bookmobile staff were immediately faced with a challenge of how to continue to supply children on the island with the extra boost of learning for which they had become well known. Children find their way to the Sandcastle Library to receive help from John with the school work that teachers have been assigning. Under strict bio-security measures he meets with kids individually throughout the day - this illustrates to them how important school is and gives them hope that someone understands. The Bookmobile Staff, Lindberg, Bregdeth, Kelvin and Sayra, maintained contact with teachers across the island and are supplying them with lesson plans, books and video lessons they have prepared. Teachers who are making use of their skills are very pleased with the support.

Thank You To Nobelity Foundation

The on-going support for our Bookmobiles from the Nobelity Foundation has ensured that PIER can make the best use our resources. While the library continues to encourage children to access the resources there, the staff who deliver the programs from the Bookmobiles are formulating reading and learning packages that will be delivered at various public locations (with bio-security measures in place). Teachers are encouraging us to place the Bookmobiles where the largest pupil population can access them. There are plans for future expansion of this developing program. We also are starting new experiential programs where kids get to interview an admired adult in their life, have it recorded and shared with others in their community. New skills, new experiences and new stories for us to share with you. Without the assistance of Nobelity and our other donors we would not be able to continue this work.

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