Teacher Training

For many years PIER has been offering teachers from the public school system training in a wide variety of topics (and even offer parents a 'how to help' their children with homework session). They have made their expertise in teacher training available through the department education heads and operate within the prescribed curriculum. 

Initially there was some reticence among  teachers about the value of the workshops but once they saw the improvements in scores for the classes of those who attended more wanted to join. PIER has developed over 20 day long workshops. Each session began with a clear set of objectives and worked through the theory behind the topic into practical applications  and resources so that teachers could apply their learning immediately in the classroom. 

The teacher training was so successful that The Bay Islands actually moved up a step in the national school department standings. Topics have ranged from teaching with poverty in mind, teaching ESL, creating a lesson plan to English language development. Our staff are widely recognized in The Bay Islands as great teachers but also as a great resource for the public school teachers.