About Us

Since 2006, PIER has been recognized for providing educational programs to the children of Roatan. Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of public school students. We are an integral part of communities, enabling us to identify where deficiencies lie and how to bridge the gaps. The past has seen us build a small library and equip two bookmobiles with reading materials and trained staff who travel between schools; the present finds us adapting to school closures by establishing ourselves in permanent spots in the community; and the future will find us rolling out digital programs.

Our Story

Cam and Ted O'Brien turned their former diving resort into the home base for PIER, which over the years offered various educational services to Roatan’s students-free of charge.

Our Staff

From Story-in-a-Bag events to mobile libraries,  PIER's Team Lead and Librarians work to provide a variety of educational programs to the children across Roatan.

Current Board

Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the board members of PIER are all passionate about and dedicated to improving Roatan's educational opportunities.